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Julie Dolan


“Friends … I had an amazing experience today. I went to… a Psychic Medium. He is the real deal. He knows nothing of my family but my parents showed up today to talk to me through him. Things he couldn’t have possibly known were revealed. I left feeling positive, happy and knowing what path I needed to take on certain areas of my life. He has no control of “who” shows up. But they do.

Craig Dierlam

Lead Private Investigator & CEO Baron Investigative Group

“Having over 30 years, in the Law Enforcement Industry, when we are handling missing persons, cold cases, ransom and extortion cases and the like; consulting with a talent like William Constantine has helped develop leads and answers needed to provide justice and closure.

Having him as a part of the Baron Investigative Group team is invaluable and a tremendous asset to us and our clients.

Diane E. McDowell, Ph.D

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“I had lost my mother, my step-father, and a close friend all within 18 months. I really needed to…hear from my mother, as there was never any real closure after her passing and many unanswered questions. William was amazing: my departed loved ones all came through. I found him to be highly accurate both at the messages he delivered from spirit and his intuitive reading of me as well. I highly recommend William to those who are carrying their own burdens and/or grief. Thank you so much William for giving me peace of mind and for all of your kindness and understanding.”

Carmen Reed

Real Life Mom of “The Haunting in Connecticut”

“I highly recommend William his gifts are quite amazing. He has even contacted me to let me know when something was going to happen that I needed to know about.”

Paul Trowe

CEO Replay Games

I hired William Constantine as an Intuitive Business  Coach and within a short period of time he honed into targeted areas and was giving me a strategic plan that when I followed through yielded me signing a multi-million dollar contract.”

After our private session yesterday, I feel that I am starting to heal, that a huge weight has been lifted from my heart and shoulders.