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William Constantine is an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, intuitive counselor, and keynote speaker. William has, for over two decades, provided help to scores of people across the globe as a professional psychic medium by delivering spiritual insights, guidance, and messages of love and healing. Now his work is about helping people become the ultimate vision of themselves in order to live their best life. He has taken his work as a psychic medium and his deep connection and understanding of nature and synthesized the lessons and knowledge acquired over the years. He uses these insights when he counsels his clients either in business or their personal lives.

William’s teachings have helped people across the globe find greater purpose and fulfillment in their lives by transcending ego, journeying inward towards inner peace, shifting paradigms and living a life they love.

Constantine has clientele ranging from the working class person to CEO’s, as well as celebrities, heads of state, royalty, models, TV & Film stars, entertainment professionals, psychologists and other psychics. He has been utilized as a source on many top tier media outlets like; CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, SIRIUS / XM, Shirley MacLaine’s Independent Expressions radio, and many others.

He is a highly sought after motivational and inspirational speaker that has keynoted at places such as the Learning Annex, Mind, Body Spirit expos, and public and private venues across the United States.